…And some useful Links

These are some links to other blogs that I read, enjoy and can recommend:

https://lopamudra.vivaldi.net/ An Indian poet and writer whose prose is usually beautiful: on bad days I find it soothing..

https://daletucker.vivaldi.net/ An American writer whose blog covers a multitude of interesting topics, including extracts from his own writing projects. Stimulating reading, I find.

https://cezar.vivaldi.net/ A psychiatrist, writer and music lover whose thoughtful blogs are always worth reading – and thinking about! Also stimulating, but in a different way.

The World According to Travellin’ Bob (travellin-bob.blogspot.com) This is my original blog, published continuously since 2010. Predominantly travel related, there’s also a smattering of politics, book and music reviews, and some personal stuff. Oh, and a tribute to Steve Jobs.

This World, This Life (travellin-bob2.blogspot.com) And my “other” blog, established 4 years ago, for no more reason than I thought I needed a change. Less travel stuff, more of everything else, and a lower content volume (a result of Long Covid messing with my brain). Some good stuff there, though.