This is me….

I’m a 71 year old retired investment banker and IT systems business consultant, who spent the last twenty career years criss-crossing the planet at other people’s expense and racking up a carbon footprint that doesn’t bear thinking about.

I have three sons back in England from my first marriage, who have so far presented me with two grandsons and twin granddaughters, and I love them all dearly. I now live happily in Warsaw, Poland with My Beloved and our teenage son and (only) daughter.

In my retirement, I enjoy reading good books, and listening to good music, ranging from classics like Beethoven, Mozart and Holst to 70s-80s prog rock maestros like Pink Floyd, Genesis and the Beatles. Plus a fondness for Smooth Jazz and Springsteen.

And I write. This blog, two others on Google’s Blogger platform (the original has been running since 2010) are fun to do and hopefully enjoyed by whoever finds and reads them. I’ve written a novel about sex, booze and local league soccer set in the mid 1970s, and a collection of vaguely supernatural short stories (both books are unpublished – I’ll get there eventually) and I’m working on a memoir. It all keeps my mind active.

I love travel, walking through quiet and peaceful forests and green landscapes, sprawling on hot sunny beaches and enjoying good food and beer.

And loving life.