All change, please!

Evening, all.

You will I’m sure have noticed I’ve made some changes to this Stuff – hopefully it’s an improvement (I think so, anyway). I just felt like a change. I hope you all like the new theme.

As you can see, there are additional pages added. On the …Books… page, I will give news as and when I publish my work, add to it or start something new, and post some excepts from time to time, starting next week. I really would appreciate some critiquing to help me improve both the content and the writing I do.

I will also add some additional …Links… as and when I see something that I think deserves a wider audience.

Hope you enjoy the new and (in my view) improved Stuff by Travellin’ Bob and look forward to posting more and interacting with the good folk in Vivaldi Land!

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  1. Hey Bob,
    Great new look! I like it very much. Yes, I look forward to reading the excerpts when you post them. Bravo! my friend.

    1. Thanks, Dale, appreciate your comments. I’ve been offline the last few days – my S key stopped working so the Beast had to go for a service! Will be crackoing on with the re-structure of the other blogs next week, and aim to post a bit of my Memoir on here then……eyes peeled please!


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