Bit of light reading for you….

When I updated this blog the other week, I promised that on the “…My Books” page I would post the odd extract from them, together with news of any new work. So – the first public release of a small section from the Memoir has been added to the page today for your entertainment and critiqueing – as pleasant or as brutal as you like! Your feedback will be gratefully received.

Oh, and there is a new essay posted on one of my non-Vivaldi blogs This World, This Life. The piece is “I worry about America…”, and you’ll find it at And to round off a busy couple of weeks, a number of pieces have been ported across to the original blog The World According to Travellin’ Bob which can be found at Again, comments are always welcome.

Plenty to get your teeth into there – so have a great weekend, all!

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    1. I hope you enjoy the stuff, Lopamudra. FYI there will be another four or five pieces ported over to The World According To Travellin’ Bob – that will complete the rationalisation process. From now on that blog will focus on travel writing, and the other blog – This World, This Life – on anything and everything else I think is worth writing. My target is to alternate between the two, one new piece a week……but we’ll see: it may be more or less.

      Hope you enjoy it!


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